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  • ARMOR K9 Customer Reviews

  • Just a couple of weeks ago, while walking in downtown Tempe, a homeless man approached us. He was being loud and came face to face with us. Abbie watched him and stayed between him and us. He passed without further incidence and we continued on our walk. All the while, we felt secure knowing, that if needed, a simple voice command would have provided instant protection. We are filled with pride when we are out in public with Abbie. Thank you ARMOR K-9!

    Abbie - Belgian Malinois Mark and Linda

  • Lee, oh my goodness. I am sooo excited. What a difference in just one day. Kona is like a different dog. I am very excited to see how she progresses in the future. Thank you!

    Kona - Labrador Nawanna Chaidez

  • I think you guys did a hell of a job with the K9 Workability and Development seminar. I thought the way you guys handled the diversity of the people was very professional and the training was superb! Thank you Lee, Travis, and Jason for helping me and Dutch grow. Especially thank Travis' wife for the great food!

    Dutch - Belgian Malinois Dennis Johnson

  • Armor K9 helped us learn to control our large dog that had been difficult in social situations. Thanks to Lee and Travis we can take our dog into social activities with the confidence that our dog will behave appropriately. We will always be grateful for the guidance provided by Lee and his knowledge of dog behavior. Thank you Armor K9!

    Dolly - Rhodesian Ridgeback Mix Paula Lievsay

  • Working with Lee has been very rewarding not only for my wife and I but for our Lilly also. We have all formed a confidence and bond together like non other due to Lee and his training.

    The time he has Invested In us and his passion for his work is at the most highest standards and his regard for animals in my opinion is very humane. I highly recommend (and we do) him to anyone who has a need for a well behaved and obedient canine. Lilly loves being around Lee because of the bond and trust she has learned to have with him.

    My wife, Lilly & I look forward to having a long lasting relationship and friendship with Lee and everyone at ArmorK9

    Lily - Belgian Malinois Brian Aguilar

  • The 3 day K9 Workability and Development Seminar on Mingus Mountain was amazing! A small group but big enough to have a variety of different disciplines, dogs and personalities in one area. I liked the teaching as we go, individualized training and attention to details. Plenty of time to observe and learn thru observation. Overall excellent learning experience and wonderful training. All of you, Lee, Jason and Travis were great teachers! You were able to bring a diverse group together and to work together. All of you were so helpful, especially when Heidi on her low light night trail got sprayed by a skunk...wll never forget it! hahaha! And on a side note: the food was outstanding! We had first class food in the wilderness. I hope there will be another Seminar soon!

    Heidi - Trailing Dog Gabi