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Armor K9 Sport Dog Training

Sport Dog Training

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Unleash Your Dog's Full Potential

Competition Success

With our sport dog training, your dog will have the opportunity to excel in canine sporting competitions and have a blast while doing it.

Obedience & Agility

Our training program is focused on increasing your dog’s agility and obedience, making them better companions and easier to live with.

Elite Training Techniques

Our trainers are experienced in working with all breeds and use only the most effective, cutting-edge training techniques to help your dog reach their full potential in the sporting world.

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About Armor K9 Sport Dog Training

Sport dog training is designed to enhance your dog’s natural agility and obedience skills, preparing them for various sporting competitions such as agility, flyball, and obedience trials. This specialized training allows dogs to have fun while bonding with their owners and improving their overall fitness and well-being.

Sport Dog Consultation
What They’re Saying

Lee is an excellent trainer. He really took his time in teaching us why he uses the methods he does. It was amazing to see the results with our 7 month old German Shepherd. We highly recommend his services!

Chrissy Alonzo, Google Reviews

Excellent dog trainers. Lee really cares and takes all the time necessary to get the training clear

Mikey G Brooklyn NY, Google Reviews

Lee was awesome with my pup and she really loves him. You can tell he really cares about your dog or puppy and is gentle with the animals plus he will help you with any issues you be having with how you may handling your dog.

Dawn Tuck, Google Reviews

Training with Lee was one of the best investments I made with my ACD. Lee’s not only professional and knowledgeable, he also makes lessons rewarding and fun. I now have a much better behaved, happy and obedient dog. I would highly recommend Armor K9 and Lee to anyone wanting to develop a deeper bond with your dog.

Shawna Martin, Google Reviews