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World Class Dog Training

About Armor K9

Services We OfferAbout the Dog Trainers

With over 20 years of experience, our Arizona-based company is dedicated to serving you and your dog.

We train dogs to be friendly, well-natured family members who are highly obedient, both on-leash and off-leash. Our extensive dog knowledge and skills allow us to read and understand each dog, using the most effective tools and training methodologies to achieve desired behaviors and eliminate unwanted ones. We prioritize building an unbreakable bond between human and dog.

Whether you have a protection dog, service dog, scent dog, or a new family pet, we offer exclusive access to the finest dog trainers and the best dog obedience training available. Our services include puppy training, private lessons, classes, and board and train options for dogs of any age, size, breed, or behavior problem.

In addition to dog obedience training, we are renowned for producing World-Class protection dogs. With our proven methods and top trainers, we ensure these dogs are not only excellent family members but also outstanding protectors.

With Phoenix being named the fastest-growing city in the country, we have expanded our services to cover a larger area, including Phoenix, Paradise Valley, Scottsdale, Glendale, Peoria, Chandler, Tempe, Mesa, Gilbert, Queen Creek, San Tan Valley, Apache Junction, and the surrounding areas. If you’ve recently moved to Phoenix and need assistance with your dog’s adjustment, our skilled trainers are ready to help.

At Armor K9, we are committed to delivering the highest quality dog training. We treat every client with respect and provide honest, 100% effort to achieve the results you desire for your dog. Join our Armor K9 family today!

Call us now at (928) 493-4160 for the Prescott area and Northern Arizona, or (480) 442-5174 for the Phoenix, Scottsdale, and Phoenix metro areas.

Meet our Expert Dog Trainers

At Armor K9 it is our top priority to give you the absolute best quality and expertise when it comes to providing you with protection dog training, dog obedience training, or puppy dog training classes. Our trainers have a life-long history of dog training and working with dogs.

We understand that it is very important for you as dog owners and your family members to build a relationship and trust with your protection dog and family pet. You need to stay connected as a family to be effective!

Our protection dog training services, for example, were developed to meet each of our client’s needs and level of protection desired. Finding the right dog trainer is essential to help create a trusting relationship between you and your dog.

Places like Phoenix and its surrounding areas including Scottsdale are growing at a rapid pace. Having the leading dog trainers in large areas like this and also northern Arizona requires a life-long devotion to learning.

Each of our trainers has been committed to a lifetime of learning tools, techniques and proven methods to produce the most effective training of dogs. We stay informed on the latest advancements in dog training techniques.

This allows us to offer the highest quality protection dog and dog obedience training services. Each of our special dog training methods were developed to help you get the best out of your dog in order to live in harmony together.

Continuing education classes for dog training are encouraged and supported for our dog trainers. We understand the importance of attending training classes ourselves so we can provide your dog with the best dog training!

Keep reading below to learn what to expect from our Armor K9 dog training techniques, tools, and methods. You’ll also get to know each protection dog and obedience trainer for dogs.

Our trainers can provide dog training in the Prescott and Northern Arizona Area as well as Phoenix and the greater Phoenix Metro area.


Lee Divelbiss

Experience 10+ Years

Lee has spent a lot of time around dogs. Lee grew up in a family that bred different types of dogs. His mother bred and raised Labradors and Weimaraners as a hobby/side business.

His father bred and raised Bloodhounds. His grandfather bred, raised and trained Greyhounds for racing. His uncle was also an excellent dog trainer.

With Lee’s exposure to lots of dogs and the expertise his family shared with him, Lee was able to learn a lot about dogs from a young age.

After his military service, Lee found himself at college with a Whippet puppy named Elliot who he trained to be an amazing Frisbee dog.

After college and with a degree in Psychology, he became attracted to Dobermans. Lee took to training them with the idea of having a completely reliable family companion who could go into protection mode with the “flip of a switch” and then immediately return to that reliable family companion afterward.

Lee now specializes in training Belgian Malinois, Dutch Shepherds, German Shepherds, and Shepinois to be world-class protection dogs. He still loves Dobies though!

Lee understands the great need for excellent dog training in Arizona and has committed Armor K9 to provide you with the finest dog training from the best dog trainers! He has had a vision for expanding Armor K9’s area of service to include Phoenix and the greater Phoenix metro area for years.

We understand the Phoenix is the fastest growing city in America right now and the Phoenix metro area keeps growing. We are committed to growing with it and are offering now our services to the growing Phoenix area.

Phoenix Branch Manager

RD Miller

Experience 10+ Years

We are proud to announce that our Phoenix branch of Armor K9 will be run and managed by RD Miller. RD has been unofficially/officially working with Armor K9 for the past three years.

He will be a great asset to the Armor K9 team, and we couldn’t be more enthusiastic to endorse his addition to our growing team!

RD has been training and working with dogs most of his life but has really been at it hard the last 4 years. Specializing in obedience training, dog behavioral issues and personal protection, he is also really good at teaching tasks.

What is his favorite part about dog training? ‘It’s when a family is about to get rid of their dog because of aggressive dog behavior, or it’s thought to just be a “bad dog.” The family feels they have no other options with their dog. Then they hire us. When we are able to fix the issue for the dog and they are able to keep the dog, that is pure satisfaction.’

When he’s not training your dog, RD enjoys camping and road trips with his family and his two dogs, Bane and Quinn.

The addition of RD to the Armor K9 team is huge! His love of dogs and helping their owners along with his devotion to learning new skills and gaining new tools for his toolbox are all second to none. RD’s addition to our team will allow us to reach the greater Phoenix area including areas like Scottsdale, Chandler, and Surprise.

A genuine “good guy,” we are pleased and honored to call RD a friend, colleague, and now Armor K9 branch manager.

If you are in the Phoenix or greater Phoenix metro area and are in need of expert dog training, call RD and he will be happy to assist you! (480) 442-5174

Services We Offer

Dog Obedience Training

We offer the best dog obedience training for all dogs, regardless of size, age, breed, or behavior. Our private lessons and classes empower you to be the best leader for your dog, building a strong bond. Choose from various training options, including board and train packages.

Elite Protection Training

Our elite protection dogs are highly trained companions, providing peace of mind and deterrence. They are part of the family, raised around children and integrated into daily life. With their sociability and courage, they offer exceptional security and won't stop until requested by you.

Sport & Competition Training

Enhance your dog's agility and obedience skills for sporting competitions. Our expert trainers use cutting-edge techniques to improve your dog's performance, making them better companions. Let your dog have a blast while excelling in agility, flyball, and obedience trials.

Service Dogs for Veterans

We provide dog training to create service dogs for veterans suffering from PTSD and anxiety disorders. Our training supports the health and well-being of our brave veterans in Northern Arizona, Scottsdale, and the greater Metro Phoenix area.

Scent Detection Training

Train your dog to detect narcotics or participate in AKC scent sport. Our experienced trainers provide specialized scent/detection dog training, equipping your dog with the necessary skills for accurate identification.

Private Drug Detection

Confidential and discreet drug detection services available in Northern Arizona and Phoenix Metro. Our highly trained detection dogs can search and alert for drugs like cocaine, heroin, and methamphetamines, tailored to your needs. We prioritize privacy and do not share information with law enforcement.