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    Welcome to Armor K9, providers of World-Class Dog Training in the Phoenix Metro, Prescott, and Northern AZ Areas. Thank you for your time and interest!

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  • What makes Armor K9 different?

    Are you ready to experience a new style of dog training? We train our dogs, whether they are protection dogs, service dogs, scent dogs or customer's dogs, to be friendly, good-nautured family members who are highly obedient reliable companions, on-leash and off-leash. We accomplish this by using our amassed dog knowledge and skills to be able to read the dog before us and determine the most effective tools and training methodologies to positively get the behaviors we want and rid the behaviors we do not want while building an unbreakable bond between human and dog.

    Tired of your dog misbehaving or do you have a new dog? We will give you exclusive access to the finest dog trainers and the best dog obedience training.

    We offer puppy training, private lessons, classes, even board and train options for your dog of any age, size, breed or behavior problem.

    Looking for more than dog obedience training? We are the home of World-Class protection dogs. We use our proven methods and top dog trainers to produce protection dogs who are excellent family members and the foremost family protectors for you.

    We have spent over 20 years perfecting our training methods to provide the best protection dog and dog obedience training.

    Phoenix has been named the fastest-growing city in the country. This has inspired us to make our services available to a larger area so we can better help Arizona dog owners get the dog the always dreamed of having.

    Have you recently moved to Phoenix? Dog training might be a concern for you if your dog has not adjusted to the move. Moving can produce unwanted behavior in a dog that is not trained. Armor K9 has the best trainers available to help you.

    We have expanded the area of service beyond Prescott and Northern Arizona to include Phoenix, Paradise Valley, Scottsdale, Glendale, Peoria, Chandler, Tempe, Mesa, Gilbert, Queen Creek, San Tan Valley, Apache Junction and the surrounding areas.

    You expect the best for your best friend and we are committed to providing only the highest quality dog training. Keep reading to learn more about the services we offer in Phoenix and beyond!


  • Services We Offer

  • Dog Training

    Dog obedience training is at the core of every training program here at Armor K9. We offer the best dog obedience training for every dog; any size, age, breed, or behavior problem.

    Dog training for your pet should always begin with building a foundation. Learning basic handling yourself, as your dog receives training, empowers you to be the best leader for your dog.

    Our in-home private dog training lessons are incredibly effective for our clients at any experience level. We will teach you how to get the best out of your dog. Dog training is one of the most important things you can provide for your pet.

    Our proven methods will help your canine companion learn appropriate behavior while helping to discourage negative behavior. This gives confidence to your pet that is only gained through professional dog training classes.

    Our expert dog trainers have many years of training experience and love providing dog training to your dog. The best part of our training classes is the focus on the bond between man and dog that allows us to produce loving and devoted companions.

    Are you thinking about buying a new puppy or are you simply looking for a dog trainer that can help you get rid of unwanted behavior displayed by your dog? We are definitely here to help you!

    Research shows that 1 dog out of every 3 displays unwanted behaviors due to common conditions such as separation anxiety. This is just one of the many issues that our dog trainers address in dog obedience training.

    There are times when it may not be possible to find time to do the training yourself or participate in all the classes. This is why we introduced our board and train package for you if you don't have the time or desire to participate in the training of your dog. Your dog will come live with us for up to 3 weeks for training, exercise, and socialization.

    With multiple dog training classes and packages to choose from, you are sure to find one that is the perfect fit for you and your pet. Check out our dog training packages here.

  • Protection Dogs

    Here at Armor K9, we specialize in protecting people, property, products, and profits through the deterrent power of our Armor K9 protection dogs. This involves elite dog training. We don’t train a dog to be a vicious attack/guard dog.

    An Armor K9 protection dog is one who is a highly trained companion first, protector second. You have worked hard for what you have, your family, your business, your property. We want to help you protect what is yours.

    A protection dog is a specially bred and trained canine with the strength, drive, and intelligence to protect what you love. Our clients have growing concerns for personal and family safety due to an increase in personal assaults, home invasions and the need to protect their property. You may have similar concerns.

    If so, an Armor K9 protection dog may be just what you are looking for. Through our protection dog training, we train each dog to be highly sociable and confident. They are comfortable going with you to the store, movies, church or park. Their presence alone will give you peace of mind and serve as a significant deterrent to potential criminals.

    An Armor K9 protection dog is part of the family. We raise and train them around children of all ages and other animals. We integrate them into our family and ultimately yours. There is nothing more important to us than developing a young puppy into a friendly family-oriented member.

    This makes them family-safe and great with kids! This also provides you with the best security solution, a pet who behaves appropriately around family and who is extremely courageous when you give the command to go into protection mode.

    An Armor K9 dog won't miss but if they do, they are still the foremost thing an assailant has to concern themselves with. This is because your dog is taught not to stop until requested to do so by you.  

    As dog trainers, we develop strong bonds with each dog and will invite you to do the same throughout our protection dog training process. 

  • Service Dogs for Veterans

    As a veteran-owned and operated business, Armor K9 is committed to helping our veterans. We provide dog training to create service dogs for veterans suffering from the negative side effects of their service including PTSD and anxiety disorders.

    Each service dog receives the best dog training to provide the appropriate support for our brave veterans in Northern Arizona, and the areas around Scottsdale and greater Metro Phoenix. Dog training for service animals is vital to the health and well-being of the men and women who have served our nation.

  • Scent/Detection Dog Training

    Armor K9 also provides Scent/Detection Dog Training. Whether it is for Narcotics identification or AKC Scent Sport. Armor K9's expert trainers have what it takes to teach your dog the skills needed to detect narcotics or the ABCs (Anise, Birch, Clove) for AKC scent sport.

  • Dog Sales

    Armor K9 is committed to the breeding, raising, importing and training of exceptional Belgian Malinois and Dutch Shepherds. We do this first to create the ideal protection dog. We understand that not every dog will end up being a protection dog. If a high-quality dog that we have bred or imported is not a good candidate for a protection dog, we make them available for sale. 

    Besides being well-bred, every dog we currently have for sale has already received our puppy training and all their shots. This makes them an excellent choice for you if you want a puppy, but don't want to go through all the puppy stuff. These wonderful animals are sure to be an excellent addition to your family as they will start out on their best behavior.

    From time to time, we also raise and train "green" dogs. These are dogs that have some obedience but mainly are developed to be protection dogs, patrol dogs and/or scent dogs who will be sold to other dog trainers, sport competitors, police or military departments and on occasion to civilians. 

    Additionally, we have many contacts throughout the world who we are able to purchase and import exceptional dogs. If you are looking for a particular dog breed, please feel free to contact us to assist you with your endeavors.

    View the dogs we have available for sale here!

  • Private Armor K9 Drug Detection

    We are excited to announce our private Armor K9 drug detection service to the Northern Arizona region and Phoenix Metro and surrounding areas. Our services are confidential, discreet and best of all effective! We can perform searches as discreet or visible as you would like.

    A detection dog that is used by Armor K9, is trained to search, detect and alert for the following drugs: cocaine, heroin, and methamphetamines to the national standard of recognition. Since other narcotics often use these drugs as ingredients, it is possible for our detection dog to alert to these other substances as well.

    Our detection service is perfect for residential, private businesses to include transitional housing and treatment centers, churches, clubhouses, schools, vehicles, and property. If your needs are unique we can also tailor our services to your special situation.

    Since we are not law enforcement, we are under No Obligation or legal precedent to talk to, work with or provide any information to law enforcement. In addition, we do not keep or maintain any records or outcomes of our private Armor K9 drug detection services.

    Your confidentiality is our 100% commitment! Contact us today to get a free quote.

  • Seminars

    We put on a variety of seminars throughout the year and host many others. These seminars cover a broad range of subjects. We have seminars all over Northern Arizona and are expanding to include the Phoenix area.

    Check the Events section on our Facebook page (@armork9) for our upcoming Seminars.

    If you'd like us to partner or host an event with us, contact us at (928) 493-4160. If you are in the greater Phoenix or Scottsdale areas call (480) 442-5174.

  • FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

  • How much does it cost for dog training?

    We offer private lessons in-home through our Armor K9 Essentials and Cutting Edge dog obedience training courses. These packages start around $1110. These packages are for your dog of any age, size, breed or behavior.

    Armor K9 Protection Dog training has a wide variety of options including two new training programs for clients who already have a dog and wish to pursue Protection Dog Training. These packages start around $2000 with our fully trained protection dogs starting at $15,000 and up.

    All of our prices are based on our free evaluation. Please view our dog training and protection dog pages to see a full list of services and prices.

  • I already own a dog. Can any dog become a protection dog?

    The simple answer is no. Not just any dog can become a protection dog. An Armor K9 protection dog is specially bred and trained to the highest standards. There are specific requirements that must be met before we train dogs to be protection dogs.

    That being said, we are excited to announce the introduction of a brand new program here at Armor K9. Here's how it works: If you already have a dog that you think might be a candidate for protection training we will first evaluate your dog to see if this training is right for you.

    If your dog is a good candidate we will begin them at the Paige level. This is where we build a strong foundation in your dog of high-level obedience. This will include everything in our Cutting Edge obedience training package with the addition of bite development. 

    From there your dog can move on to the Squire level as we continue building step by step until your dog either makes it to one of our Armor levels or is unable to move to the next level. (Note: If it is determined that your dog already has a high-level of obedience, to be determined by us, it can move straight into our Squire level).

    View our protection-dogs page for more information!

  • When should you start training your puppy?

    Training for your puppy should begin as soon as you get it home. Without proper training, your puppy will more than likely develop bad happens and poor behavior.  Without the proper knowledge and skills, oftentimes the relationship will spiral downhill with the owner feeling alone and frustrated and the dog confused and anxious. Armor K9 has the knowledge and experience to help you develop your puppy into the dog you will be proud to own and the leader it needs. While participating in our training you and your dog will build an incredible bond built on confidence and trust in each other.

    We look forward to helping you achieve your dog training goals. Do you have more questions, want an evaluation?

    Call (928) 493-4160 for Central/Northern Arizona.  In the Scottsdale and greater Phoenix area call (480) 442-5174.

  • How do you house train a puppy?

    One of the common questions we receive from our clients is in regards to house training. If your dog will be in the house for any length of time it is important to you that their behavior is appropriate. This is especially important in areas with extreme temperatures like Phoenix. Dog training is a critical step to ensure you get the best results out of your dog.

    Often a dog trainer will be asked if our obedience training includes house training. The answer is yes! Training your puppy in the right behavior will enable you to have confidence in your pet.

    If you use the tools we provide you during the training you can expect your puppy to exhibit appropriate behavior every time.

  • Where do you provide your services in Arizona?

    We are located in Prescott Valley, Arizona, but we have expanded our service area to include the region around Phoenix. Dog training is especially needed as more people move in the swiftly growing Phoenix area. We have always provided service on a case by case basis in the Phoenix area, but we have officially expanded Armor K9 to include Phoenix and its surrounding areas as a regular area of service.

    Call us first for your Phoenix dog training needs. Whether you live in the Prescott area, Northern Arizona region or Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, Chandler, Tempe, or Surprise, we are here to help. 

    Call us today and we will set up your free dog training evaluation. 928-493-4160 or 480-442-5174


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