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    Welcome to ARMOR K-9! Home of World-Class protection dogs! Our dogs are companions first, protectors second. We are located in Prescott Valley, Az. Your Knight in Shining Armor is in training now.

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  • Loving. Social. Alert. Vigilant.

    Welcome to ARMOR K-9. Get ready to experience a new style of protection dog training. We don’t train vicious attack/guard dogs. We train our dogs to be friendly, good-natured family members who are highly obedient reliable companions, on and off leash, who are extremely courageous when you "flip a switch" and have them go into protection mode if needed.
    Our customers have growing concerns for personal and family safety due to an increase in personal assaults, home invasions and the need to protect their property. If you have similar concerns, please feel free to browse our site and contact us for any additional information or to join the ARMOR K-9 family.
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