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We are Armor K9

Providers of World-Class Dog Training

Board & Training

Protection Training

Sport Training

What makes Armor K9 different?

Are you ready to experience a new style of dog training? We believe good training comes from establishing a healthy relationship with clear expectations and good communication. With our balanced training approach, utilizing both classical conditioning and all four quadrants of operant conditioning, training looks like real life and feels like play. It’s all about positively getting the behaviors we want and ridding the behaviors we do not want all while building an unbreakable bond between human and dog. Afterward, you can expect friendly, good-natured family members who are highly obedient and reliable companions, on-leash and off-leash.

Services We Offer

Obedience Board & Training

We offer the best dog obedience training for all dogs, regardless of size, age, breed, or behavior. Our private lessons and classes empower you to be the best leader for your dog, building a strong bond. Choose from various training options, including board and train packages.

Elite Protection Training

Our elite protection dogs are highly trained companions, providing peace of mind and deterrence. They are part of the family, raised around children and integrated into daily life. With their sociability and courage, they offer exceptional security and won't stop until requested by you.

Sport & Competition Training

Enhance your dog's agility and obedience skills for sporting competitions. Our expert trainers use cutting-edge techniques to improve your dog's performance, making them better companions. Let your dog have a blast while excelling in agility, flyball, and obedience trials.

Service Dogs for Veterans

We provide dog training to create service dogs for veterans suffering from PTSD and anxiety disorders. Our training supports the health and well-being of our brave veterans in Northern Arizona, Scottsdale, and the greater Metro Phoenix area.

Scent Detection Training

Train your dog to detect narcotics or participate in AKC scent sport. Our experienced trainers provide specialized scent/detection dog training, equipping your dog with the necessary skills for accurate identification.

Private Drug Detection

Confidential and discreet drug detection services available in Northern Arizona and Phoenix Metro. Our highly trained detection dogs can search and alert for drugs like cocaine, heroin, and methamphetamines, tailored to your needs. We prioritize privacy and do not share information with law enforcement.

Frequently asked questions

How much does it cost for dog training?

We offer private lessons in-home through our Armor K9 Essentials and Cutting Edge dog obedience training courses. These packages start around $1110. These packages are for your dog of any age, size, breed or behavior.

Armor K9 Protection Dog training has a wide variety of options including two new training programs for clients who already have a dog and wish to pursue Protection Dog Training. These packages start around $2000 with our fully trained protection dogs starting at $15,000 and up.

All of our prices are based on our free evaluation. Please view our dog training and protection dog pages to see a full list of services and prices.

I already own a dog. Can any dog become a protection dog?

The simple answer is no. Not just any dog can become a protection dog. An Armor K9 protection dog is specially bred and trained to the highest standards. There are specific requirements that must be met before we train dogs to be protection dogs.

That being said, we are excited to announce the introduction of a brand new program here at Armor K9. Here’s how it works: If you already have a dog that you think might be a candidate for protection training we will first evaluate your dog to see if this training is right for you.

If your dog is a good candidate we will begin them at the Paige level. This is where we build a strong foundation in your dog of high-level obedience. This will include everything in our Cutting Edge obedience training package with the addition of bite development.

From there your dog can move on to the Squire level as we continue building step by step until your dog either makes it to one of our Armor levels or is unable to move to the next level. (Note: If it is determined that your dog already has a high-level of obedience, to be determined by us, it can move straight into our Squire level).

View our protection-dogs page for more information!

When should you start training your puppy?

Training for your puppy should begin as soon as you get it home. Without proper training, your puppy will more than likely develop bad happens and poor behavior.  Without the proper knowledge and skills, oftentimes the relationship will spiral downhill with the owner feeling alone and frustrated and the dog confused and anxious. Armor K9 has the knowledge and experience to help you develop your puppy into the dog you will be proud to own and the leader it needs. While participating in our training you and your dog will build an incredible bond built on confidence and trust in each other.

We look forward to helping you achieve your dog training goals. Do you have more questions, want an evaluation?

Call (928) 493-4160 for Central/Northern Arizona.  In the Scottsdale and greater Phoenix area call (480) 442-5174.

How do you house train a puppy?

One of the common questions we receive from our clients is in regards to house training. If your dog will be in the house for any length of time it is important to you that their behavior is appropriate. This is especially important in areas with extreme temperatures like Phoenix. Dog training is a critical step to ensure you get the best results out of your dog.

Often a dog trainer will be asked if our obedience training includes house training. The answer is yes! Training your puppy in the right behavior will enable you to have confidence in your pet.

If you use the tools we provide you during the training you can expect your puppy to exhibit appropriate behavior every time.

Where do you provide your services in Arizona?

We are located in Prescott Valley, Arizona, but we have expanded our service area to include the region around Phoenix. Dog training is especially needed as more people move in the swiftly growing Phoenix area. We have always provided service on a case by case basis in the Phoenix area, but we have officially expanded Armor K9 to include Phoenix and its surrounding areas as a regular area of service.

Call us first for your Phoenix dog training needs. Whether you live in the Prescott area, Northern Arizona region or Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, Chandler, Tempe, or Surprise, we are here to help. 

Call us today and we will set up your free dog training evaluation. 928-493-4160 or 480-442-5174

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Sal Masekela hanging out with Lee’s dog, Ki, during our National Geographic Explorer video shoot

I have been associated with Armor K9 for 2 years and in that time I have learned so much. Lee and Sonny are a very good team. Motivated, result oriented, and driven. They push to achieve guality results. Not to much, but enough to aspire to a higher level of excelence. I am quite happy with the results I have attained with both my GSD'S. Its not just training, its actually understanding how your dog thinks and how to work with your dog at your dogs level. Stimuli, response, correction/reward. They make it easy. If a person wants a respected, obedient dog, I highly recommend Armor K9.

Henry Pachel, SoTellUs

We used Lee with Armor K9 for our rescue pup - Belgian Malinois and Australian Shepard mix, Ranger. Ranger was about 15 months old, very high energy, reactive, anxious and we were sadly is his 4th home in a relatively short amount of time. Lee worked with us and Ranger in our home and around town for six sessions teaching us the psychology of dogs and giving us the skills and tools to set us and Ranger up for success. Lee is extremely intuitive and does not just use one set of skills for all dogs. He is able to assess and successfully determine what works for the family and the specific dog. Ranger is very smart and quick to learn and he was craving stability and leadership. He is a different dog now, thanks to Lee!

Tahna Falk, Google Reviews

I have worked with Lee for almost a year now. We started with my dog Shadow, who around this time last year, was having some reactivity issues. Lee took time out of his day to teach me something that helped and now I am better able to manage and confront any arising issues. He has taught me more about dog training and different tools. I am so grateful to have learned and continue to learn from Lee. Shadow is now an amazing dog and I have learned so much. Thank you !

lore B, Google Reviews

I contacted Lee out of desperation. My older dog (Rottweiler) was heading into surgery for a CCL repair, I have two small children and our 10 week old Rottweiler was terrorizing everyone in the house. There was so much chaotic energy it was fueling her (learned that from her time with Lee). I couldn’t keep this dog the way she was, only getting stronger and bigger by the day. When I called Lee, all of my frustrations were put at ease just over the phone and I knew we had found someone of substance. He talked me through the process and even came up with a specific “program” to help us with our unique situation. The transparency and communication were unbelievable and unexpected. It was extremely refreshing. Our 10 week old dog spent 10 days with Lee and I’d be lying if I said I was in any hurry to get her back. We were at our wits end. After the 10 days we met Lee and could not believe our eyes. We had a dog with manners, not perfect (that comes later) but a manageable dog that knew 15 different commands in just 10 days. He spent HOURS with us going over everything and practicing with us and answering literally every question we threw at him. We were armed with notes and homework and the support and encouragement to continue working with her until she goes back for her obedience training. This foundation has made it so much easier to welcome her back into our home and is helping to teach us and our children how we and dogs should coexist. I have also called him everyday while I figure out our new routine and have anxiety about what I’m doing with her. He picks up the phone and spends time coaching me and makes sure I feel good about the next steps. All around, this has been a wonderful experience and we are just getting started. Lee is worth taking the leap for. You won’t be disappointed!

Kelly Leung, Google Reviews