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Obedience Training and Protection Dog FAQ

Are ARMOR K9 dogs safe around children?

Yes, they are. Our protection dogs are raised and socialized around children of all ages. We also encourage you to be involved throughout our training process, when feasible, in order to develop a bond. On the rare occasion one of our dogs doesn’t take a liking to children, they will be excluded from our protection dog training program and offered for sale as a sport working dog or personal pet.

I have other animals. How will a ARMOR K9 dog get along them?

This is a very common scenario. We have placed many dogs in homes with existing pets. First, we raise our dogs around other dogs and cats and have access to horses, cows, goats, and chickens and socialize our dogs to interact with them properly. Because we work directly with you, we are able to ensure your dog will interact appropriately with all your animals. We even provide handlers training to teach dog owners the skills to ensure this continues no matter your encounters.

What is the difference between an "Attack" and a "Personal Protection" dog?

Attack dogs bring visions of an extremely unruly and aggressive dog looking to harm anyone or anything. Personal protection dogs have received dog behavior training and obedience training to be discerning companions willing and able to protect when needed. ARMOR K9 dogs are reliable companions and capable protectors.

How does ARMOR K9 pick the right dog for my protection needs?

We have a comprehensive evaluation process that we perform during our engagement with you. This evaluation helps us determine the perfect dog that will fit your lifestyle and protection needs.

Are your dogs aggressive?

No. ARMOR K9 dogs are trained to be family companions first. Their second job is to provide protection when needed. We pride ourselves on our K9 training to produce highly obedient and stable dogs with the ability to discern and think through situations. When a threat is perceived they will alert. However, they should not respond aggressively unless the threat intensifies. It is extremely important for you to trust your family protection dog. You can be comfortable knowing your friends, family, and neighbors will be processed differently than threats.

Will my ARMOR K9 protection dog bite a person new to them?

That depends on the intentions of the person. ARMOR K9 protection dogs are trained to alert (bark) when something is seen as unfamiliar, out of place, or a threat. However, if the intentions are to harm you, then your dog will likely switch into protection dog mode but should not bite unless commanded to do so.

The intent is the key here. If your best friend stops by with intentions to harm you, your dog will provide protection when commanded despite having had many interactions with this person. But if he stops by to say hi and borrow your favorite tool, your dog will enthusiastically greet him and probably look for some belly rubs!

Why do you exclusively choose Belgian Malinois and Dutch Shepherds?

In our opinion, they are simply the perfect dog for the job. Please see our Belgian Malinois vs. Dutch Shepherd blog to learn more about these breeds.

Can I choose my dog's name?

Absolutely, you can! If the dog you choose already has a name, you can change it if you prefer. With consistent use, dogs are able to learn their new name within a few days.

How do I bond with my dog and how long does it take?

Typically, bonding with a dog does not take long. ARMOR K9 encourages our customers to be involved during the selection and dog training process. We also encourage overnight, weekend and holiday stays in order to facilitate the bonding process.

We find that customers who are active participants in our protection dog training program tend to develop tremendous bonds with their protection dog. However, if you are unable to participate, we have good news. You can typically develop a great bond within a week or two.

Can I have fun with my dog?

Heck yeah! While, ARMOR K9 dogs are working protection dogs they want to be with you and do whatever you are doing. Whether it be chasing a ball, playing Frisbee, running with you or while you bike, doing agility or whatever else you can think of they will be there right by your side. They are eager and willing to please.

How much exercise will my dog need?

Your dog does need exercise. As a graduate of the ARMOR K9 dog training school, your protection dog will be happiest with a regular exercise routine. It does not have to be long though. A 10-15 minute romp in the park chasing a ball or Frisbee is usually sufficient.

These are working dogs. They will work all day long if you’d let them with a few recharges in between. We equate them to being like a lithium battery. When charged they are ready to go. When depleted they are out. Allow your dog a 15-minute charge (nap) and s/he ready to go again. With this knowledge, we suggest using a mental task to help fizzle them out. Our protection dog trainers will teach you some methods to keep your dog healthy and happy.

I live in an apartment or a small house. Is that okay?

ARMOR K9 protection dogs want to be with you. As such, they do not need a lot of space. They do need regular exercise and mental stimulation. While we would not advocate leaving your dog for hours upon hours in an apartment or small space, we do have customers who are successful at doing this. Our protection dog trainers can work with you to have success, if this is your intention.

Will my dog be housebroken?

Yes, all ARMOR K9 protection dogs are trained to be housebroken. However, they are a living creature and “poop” or “pee” happens. Through your bonding process, you will learn to recognize your dog’s needs and be able to respond appropriately. We also teach all our dogs to “hurry up”, so that they will go on command. We can use any word you’d like, but we refuse to use “go potty!” Don’t worry a ARMOR K9 trainer will assist you with your transition process to help it be a smooth.

Why are your dogs so expensive?

Expensive is relative. In regard to the protection dog training cost, we ask that you try to consider and appreciate the amount of time and energy that goes into each dog. We invest an immense amount of effort into procuring and producing a loving, social, highly obedient yet vigilant and capable family protection dog. Heck just procuring a dog that has the capabilities we look for can cost as much as $10k.

Think of it like a fine wine, work of art, or a luxury whatever. It doesn’t happen overnight! We spend day after day and hours upon hours developing an ARMOR K9 protection dog to ensure you receive a friendly, good-natured companion who is obedient and reliable yet alert and a courageous protector. When it comes to you or your family’s safety, what would you be willing to pay for your Knight in Shining Armor?