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Armor K9 Available Companions

Dogs for Sale

Armor K9 is committed to the breeding, raising, importing and training of exceptional Belgian Malinois and Dutch Shepherds. We do this first to create the ideal protection dog. We understand that not every dog will end up being a protection dog. If a high-quality dog that we have bred or imported is not a good candidate for a protection dog, we make them available for sale.

Besides being well-bred, every dog we currently have for sale has already received our puppy training and all their shots. This makes them an excellent choice for you if you want a puppy, but don’t want to go through all the puppy stuff. These wonderful animals are sure to be an excellent addition to your family as they will start out on their best behavior.

From time to time, we also raise and train “green” dogs. These are dogs that have some obedience but mainly are developed to be protection dogs, patrol dogs and/or scent dogs who will be sold to other dog trainers, sport competitors, police or military departments and on occasion to civilians.

Additionally, we have many contacts throughout the world who we are able to purchase and import exceptional dogs. If you are looking for a particular dog breed, please feel free to contact us to assist you with your endeavors.

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Belgian Malinois

This is Reggie. He’s a 2.5 year old Malinois; social, environmentally stable, sound temperament, great grip, deep bite, rocket entry, and handles pressure welll. He has lots of confidence and is always ready to work. Reggie would be comfortable working for a department or being your personal protection dog. He has a strong nose so dual purpose capability is a possibility. His obedience is in progress but will be Top notch on and off leash. He’ll be ready for his new home soon.

Contact Lee or Sonny at 928-493-4160.

2.5 Years Old



This is Jack. Jack is a 11mo yellow Labrador who went through our board and train program recently. His owners are an elderly couple who have realized that Jack isn’t the right fit for them. Jack is an energetic, happy, playful, young dog and can be easily excitable. He’ll require good leadership, structure, rules, consequences, and consistency . He’d do well in a home that can provide him these things as well as proper exercise on a daily basis. He may have the ability to do scent work, but we have not developed that. His owners would like to recoup their expenses, so there will be a rehoming fee.

Jack is now performing bed bug detection in Northern California.

11 Months Old