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  • Private K9 Drug Detection Services

  • When privacy and confidentiality is what you seek.

  • We are excited to announce our private K9 drug detection service to the Northern Arizona region.

    Our services are confidential, discreet and best of all effective! We can perform searches as discreet or visible as you would like.

    Our detection dogs are trained to search, detect and alert for the following drugs: cocaine, heroin and methamphetamines to the national standard of recognition. Since other narcotics often use these drugs as ingredients, it is possible for our detection dogs to alert to these other substances as well.

    Our detection service is perfect for residential, private businesses to include transitional housing and treatment centers, churches, clubhouses, schools, vehicles and property. We can also tailor our services to your special needs.

    Since we are not law enforcement, we are under No Obligation or legal precedent to talk to, work with or provide any information to law enforcement. In addition, we do not keep or maintain any records or outcomes of our private K9 drug detection services. Your confidentiality is our 100% commitment!

    We offer the following options:

    Monthly Search – based on size of search area, give us a call to discuss

    Random or Scheduled Search - $150/hr * – one hour minimum

    Emergency Search - $300/hr *– one hour minimum

    * A per search trip charge may apply.

    When you need 100% discreet, confidential and affordable detection services without law enforcement involvement, give us a call at 928-493-4160.