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  • Protectors

  • Never, with dogs on guard, need you fear for your stalls a midnight thief."

    Latin Poet - Virgil

  • Ready To Protect

    We all wear an imaginary target. The size of the target determines how a criminal decides whether or not you are a person he or she will commit a crime against. The larger the target, the more likely. How can you shrink your target? Simply carrying yourself in a confident and aware way will help. Having an ARMOR K-9 dog who is an alert/vigilant, confident and obedient dog that will bark on command should do the trick.

    As we say, our dogs buy extra time to figure out how we can get out of a situation. Their presence alone will serve as a significant deterrent to the would be "bad guy." However, if the assailant persists he or she can deal with the dog, while we get to safety. Our dogs don't miss and when they do, they are still the foremost thing an assailant has to concern themselves with as our dogs won't stop until requested to do so. This level of protection buys you time to get away from the situation and to safety.  

    Peace of mind AND vigilant capable protectors...ARMOR K-9!