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  • Family Safe Protection Dogs

  • Dogs are more than just pets...they are family AND all family matters!!


  • Here at ARMOR K-9 family is first in all things to include dog! Our dogs are raised around children of all ages. We expose them to many positive experiences from the time they are born. We integrate them into our family and ultimately yours. There is nothing more important to us than developing a young pup into a friendly family oriented member. We develop strong bonds with our dogs and will invite you to do the same throughout our training process. From weekend or holiday home stays to attending training sessions with us, we will help you to develop that close bond you desire to have with your dog and your dog desires to have with you! It is very important to us and we hope it is important to you.

    Because of this attention to detail, we can develop our dogs into terrific family members as well as capable protectors. We look forward to you joining our ARMOR K-9 family!

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