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Dogs make for a great companion if the breed is the right fit for the owner and the home. There are a few key things to consider before adopting a pet dog for you and your family:

  • The time and attention you are willing and able to give to your dog
  • The exercise requirements for the dog
  • The size of your home
  • The availability of space outside of your home for walking and/or off-leash exercise
  • The temperament of the dog and the best match for your personality and lifestyle

Use this complete list to learn all about different types of calm dogs.

Calm Small Dog Breeds

Small dogs are sometimes classified as a “toy” dog and will usually be around 22 pounds and typically shorter than 16 inches.

These dogs are very friendly and sociable, so they may not be the best to be left on their own for a long time.

Bringing them along to run your errands, placing them with a dog sitter or stopping home throughout the day will keep these dogs happy.

These calm dog breeds fall into the small category:

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Listed as the 19th most popular dog in America, this pup will grow to a max size of 18 pounds and 13 inches.

They are known to be affectionate and patient in demeanor, while playful at heart. They make for a good lap dog, are quiet and are great family pets.

Part of the Spaniel breed, these pups are more laid back than other breeds of Spaniels who prefer to be out in the woods flushing out birds for their hunting masters.

Though there is still a little hunting drive in this Spaniel, getting out for daily exercise will be important to maintain the calm pet you desire.

Getting them out of the house for their daily exercise, if they run into strangers or other dogs, they tend to be friendly and non-aggressive.

French Bulldog

The French Bulldog made the 2018 American Kennel Club’s Top 5 Most Popular Breeds List, along with the Labrador Retriever, the German Shepherd, the Golden Retriever, and the Bulldog – another calm dog on our list.

Their size can get up to 12 inches with a max weight of 28 pounds for males and a few pounds lighter for females.

The temperament of the French Bulldog is playful, affectionate, easygoing and quiet. They are often alert and like to be aware of their surroundings, but they are a quieter breed and are known to be gentle.

Another good choice for a family dog with a high potential for entertaining the kids.

Bichon Frise

A super cute and lovable pet that is perfect for family and great with kids.

You will fall in love with this ball of fluff as this breed is mischievous, affectionate and playful.

This dog is also known for its happy demeanor, which will put a smile on your face when you walk through the door to greet your little companion after a long day.

Its size is perfect for smaller spaces with a max weight of 12 pounds and 11 inches in height.


Known as a docile small breed and bred to be a lap dog, this pup will give you the giggles as he pretends to be a dignified, tougher mutt with his short stature.

Pugs are very low maintenance and only require your love and attention when they want to be silly, making them one of the easiest dogs to own.

They are a calmer small dog, who usually makes little fuss with a little bark. More grunting, snorts, and sniffs than anything.

These minis could get as tall as 12 inches with a max weight of 18 pounds.

Shih Tzu

The Shih Tzu makes for one of the best companions. They love their owner’s attention and will be your sidekick around the house.

They are a loving and loyal pet who can adapt to a living environment, including small apartments as they only grow up to 16 pounds and 10 inches.

These pups do not need intensive exercise. They are content with shorter daily walks, perfect for those with a lot on their plate.

The only requirement for the Shih Tzu is to keep up the grooming of their coat. Without proper maintenance, their fur will become a matted mess.

Calm Large & Medium Dog Breeds

Dogs who are classified as medium size range in height from 18-22 inches and weigh between 40-60 pounds.

A large-sized dog will weigh over 50 pounds and be around 2 feet in height.

These large and medium-sized dogs make for the calmest dog breeds each with their own unique qualities.

English Bulldog

One of America’s top choice breeds. English bulldogs are laid-back, great with children and cats, and love to be with their owners as a devoted companion.

There is a distinct breed with their bow-legged stance and gruff look, but they are all love.

They are a quiet dog, perfectly content lazing in the sun or hogging the best seat on the couch, which is why we place them as a calm dog breed.

They can grow to 55 pounds and up to 16 inches in height. They have a sleek, short hair coat for easy maintenance as well.


This breed will look similar to the Greyhound breed with its slender body and short, shiny coat, but are smaller in stature.

After a little bit of exercise, this pup will enjoy lounging around the house as content as can be.

With their ability to laze the day away, they sure make for one of the calmest dog breeds on the list.

Whippets can grow to 35 pounds and up to 22 inches.

Clumber Spaniel

The Clumber Spaniel makes for the largest in the spaniel breed. They were bred to be a bird hunting dog making them top-class for obedience training.

As with all dogs, they get along better with regular exercise, a short walk or two a day.

They are great for a family as they are affectionate and kind-hearted. The kids will have a blast throwing a ball with this breed.

This dog is easygoing and likes to latch on to his family members. Makes for a great first dog too.

Expect this breed to weigh up to 85 pounds with a 20-inch height.


More commonly known as a Mexican Hairless, this dog breeds medium classification with an average max weight of 31 pounds and up to 23 inches.

The Xoloitzcuintli is gentle and affectionate with his family. He will be alert and attentive to his surroundings, which makes for a good guard dog with the proper training.

He loves to snuggle and to be included in all family activities. He makes for a good family dog when raised around children.


Retrievers made the calm dog breeds list as well and are among the top choice dogs in America.

They are also known as the best dogs for families due to their playful, affectionate and patient nature.

They are great with kids and will follow your lead.

A Labrador retriever and Golden retriever both have great temperaments, though, as their name suggests, they were bred for retrieving, used often for bird hunting.

Labs do have a fair amount of energy and can get excited around other dogs and people.

A key trait for this breed is that labs are very smart and can be easily trained to remain calm in everyday situations, such as the doorbell ringing or friends visiting for dinner. 

Obedience training as a puppy will make a load of difference in their behavior too.

Labradors average a max weight of 80 pounds and up to 25 inches in height.

Bassett Hound

The Bassett Hound is known to be a more laid-back, easygoing breed. They are sweet and gentle, which makes them good with kids.

They are a calm dog, though they can be difficult to train with a stubborn nature.

This breed is unique in their vocal attributes as they are known to howl rather than bark.

Their short-legs also bring them closer to the floor and closer to dropped food.

Keep in mind that their short legs can only handle so much weight, they may be slow but a daily walk will keep them healthy.

This little-legged creature will only get to about a little over a foot high with a weight of up to 65 pounds.

Calm Larger Dog Breeds:

Don’t let the size of these dogs intimidate you. It may be that the bigger the dog, the bigger the heart…for some breeds.

These larger type dogs have the potential of weighing over 100 pounds. Take a look at these calm dog breeds to see if they match your ideal family pet.

Bernese Mountain Dog

The Bernese Mountain Dog can get up to 115 pounds and over 2 feet, but he offers a lot of love and is extremely loyal to his family.

Considered a working dog, this breed is used to running in the fields to herd cattle, meaning he will have the energy to burn off.

This breed will benefit from some time at an obedience school and a more experienced owner to work with him.

With that said, he is typically a quiet dog who is very friendly and lovable. After some exercise, he will enjoy lounging around.

If you are interested in a protection dog, this breed can also be trained to protect his owners and home.


This breed has the potential to reach up to 200 pounds, but the average comes closer to 150. Their height may get up to 28 inches.

These massive furballs are just that, they have a lot of fur, which only adds to their size, but also speaks to their soft, sweet nature.

Their temperament is docile and kind. Training this breed at a young age will make for an easier, more obedient pup.

Great Dane

The Great Dane is surely a show stopper. They are a graceful giant who could pass for miniature ponies, but they are definitely all dog.

Making the calm dog breeds list, these creatures are patient and gentle with children and loyal to their owners.

They enjoy a steady-paced walk to stretch their legs and will run free in a park to get out their energy.

Training these pups at a young age is recommended, as well as socializing them around people and children will make them ideal pets.

You can expect their height could get up to 3 feet and weigh as much as 180 pounds.

Scottish Deerhound & Irish Wolfhound

These quiet, calm dog breeds are very similar, differing in where they originated from and the animals they were bred to round up.

The Scottish Deerhound is known as the Royal Dog of Scotland. He has a stature that boasts strength and valor but he is really playful, kind and gentle.

This breed can reach up to 2 and a half feet and 110 pounds.

The Irish Wolfhound is known to be the tallest dog who can get up to 32 inches with a mass of 180 pounds.

They prefer to be trained with love and praise to match their sweet demeanor.

Note that they would not make for good guard dogs as they are more affectionate than aggressive.

Take these pups for a daily long walk and they will snooze and lounge about at the house for the rest of the day.

English Mastiff & Bullmastiff

There are quite a few breeds of Mastiff, but the English Mastiff provides for the calmest dog breed. They are affectionate, strong and loyal with a docile temperament.

The Bullmastiff also has a calm temperament in his mature years.

Mastiffs are a hefty breed that can exceed 30 inches and weigh a whopping 230 pounds. Providing a good space for exercise is ideal for this pup.

St. Bernard

This gregarious breed can get up to 180 pounds and 28 inches.

Their presence will be dominating in a room due to his size, but his personality lends to be kind, gentle, calm and relaxed.

Kids love to play with this long-haired pup and the Saint Bernard has the patience to be poked and prodded.

As puppies that have some energy and are rambunctious but they simmer down as they mature.

Calm Dogs With Proper Training

As with any canine, proper and consistent obedience training is recommended to achieve a well-behaved dog.

It is very important to do your research on the type of dog that will fit your home and lifestyle. We hope you found our list to be helpful in your search for a calm dog.

We invite your comments and questions. Leave us a note below, we are happy to help!

Feel free to contact us to help you find the right dog and to get the best training for your needs.