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  • When it comes to security risks, medical marijuana dispensaries rank high. Black market marijuana rates and a high volume of cash sales make a dispensary a giant target waiting to be hit.

    Dispensaries have a fairly extensive security requirement to include: preventing unauthorized intrusion, exterior lighting, panic buttons and video systems that would rival most casinos. Many also hire unarmed or armed security guards as well.

    The underlining idea behind security layers is to make you, your family or business the smallest target possible through the implementation of these layers. While these security layers are just and warranted, ARMOR K-9 would like to suggest the addition of a Personal Protection Dog to the fold.

    A Personal Protection Dog (PPD) is just another layer, albeit a very effective one. The PPD is a great deterrent as it is an efficient alarm system, it is intimidating (83 of 100 recent prisoners stated they would pass a target if a dog was present), has super human abilities, offers no technical difficulties, isn’t interested in money or product, and is an immediate threat to criminals. They also offer the added benefits of unconditional love and devotion while being always vigilant and keeping you, your family and business safe.

    All systems have the possibility of failure. That is why we have layers. If one fails the next should work. A properly trained PPD doesn’t! Do you think your hourly paid security guard will engage and stay in the fight with the possibility of losing his or hers life? We’re not certain either, but we do know one of our PPD’s will without question!

    If you are considering a PPD, please contact us for an onsite demo at 480.442.5174.

    Think this is a bunch of hype? Here are some snippets from an article on Dispensary Security: What You Need To Know written by John Hopper of JB National Investigations and taken from the http://azmarijuana.com website.

    "Given recent events in Texas, Washington, California, Colorado and Arizona, the level of threat and/or risk has grown exponentially over the last couple of years. Dispensaries and grow facilities are being robbed at alarming rates, and sometimes, violently. (In Colorado 16.8% of dispensaries were robbed in 2009). Colorado has laws and a demographic similar to Arizona. Theoretically, if Arizona applied Colorado’s statistics that would mean nearly 16 out of 126 dispensaries in Arizona will be robbed. We are estimating this number to be closer to 25 or 30 in the first year to eighteen months. We are basing this estimate on crimes that have already been committed at grow facilities and communal facilities. Most of these crimes are not making the news. We are learning about these crimes from our extensive law enforcement contacts."

    "Arizona Revised Statue mandates you have “security.” What does this mean to you as a dispensary owner? You could get a “guard” who has passed the 8 to 16 hour security guard training mandated by the Arizona Department of Public Safety. It is safe to say if something bad happened, not only would you be put in more danger by having untrained security guards at your facilities, the chances of him/her remaining calm in a stressful situation and/or acting at all is pretty slim."

    To read the article in its entirety go here: http://azmarijuana.com/security/dispensary-security/. It is well written and enlightening although it does focus heavily on security companies.