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  • What About Calm Dogs? Which are the Calmest Dog Breeds for Your Home? (In 2020)

    Dogs make for a great companion if the breed is the right fit for the owner and the home. There are a few key things to consider before adopting a pet dog for you and your family: The time and attention you are willing and able to give to [...]

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    Easy Guide to Finding the Best Dog Training Program Near Me

    We know that dogs are our best friends, but sometimes our dogs need a gentle nudge in this direction. After all, at their core, they are still untrained animals.  This can be particularly true if you have a newly adopted dog or have a [...]

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    Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Security Measures

    When it comes to security risks, medical marijuana dispensaries rank high. Black market marijuana rates and a high volume of cash sales make a dispensary a giant target waiting to be hit. Dispensaries have a fairly extensive security requirement to [...]

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    Guard Dogs for Security Measures

    It’s 3 am. You’re home sleeping along with the rest of your family. An intruder is picking the lock of your front door. He gains access and enters your home. He bumps into a wall and wakes you up. What do you do? It’s 8:30 pm. [...]

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    Belgian Malinois vs. Dutch Shepherds

    ARMOR K-9 predominately chooses Belgian Malinois and Dutch Shepherds due to their desire to work, intelligence, and ability to be great companions with the right raising and handler. Here's a bit of information about each breed largely taken from [...]

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